Here at Seven 9 Signs we are passionate about sign painting, whether it be the art of hand painting onto buildings, sign boards, walls or windows or the beauty of gold leaf gilding, we live, work and breathe sign painting.

We can design and produce custom made, bespoke hand painted signage for any location; whether it’s a full shop frontage, main facia, window painting, mural or an A-board, we do it. Using traditional techniques and materials our skilled sign painters can accommodate pretty much any hand lettering and sign painting project, no matter how large or small.

We work with a variety of different clients including design agencies, retail, lifestyle brands, tattoo studios, barber shops, restaurants, bars and individuals to create bespoke hand crafted unique signage solutions, using traditional sign painting techniques.

Why choose a hand painted sign?

Hand painted signs are making a come back of late with more and more businesses turning their back on the cheaper options in favour of a more traditional, quality and longer lasting sign.

Sign painting is an exercise in managing the imperfections of the human hand and as a result a hand painted sign has a much warmer and honest appearance than more modern signage solutions/options.

We believe that your signage makes a statement to your customers about what to expect from your business and having a hand painted sign tells them you care about quality, craftsmanship and heritage.


As well as sign painting, Seven 9 Signs also specialise in gilding and illuminated signage.