We offer a variety of different techniques and options from glass (water) gilding to surface gilding and the possibilities are endless, as well as using different types of metallic leaf – Gold, Silver, Copper etc, we can also add mother of pearl, abalone, cut glass edges and a whole host of other effects. Sure you can use gold paint but it’s never going to come close to the beauty of real gold.

We source all our leaf from a local 4th generation gold supplier to ensure only the finest gold is used in our signage. As it’s real gold and not paint there is no fear of it fading and a well gilded sign will still be shining bright long after any paint has faded or vinyl has pealed off.

Gilding is the process of using several decorative techniques to apply 23.5ct Gold Leaf or other metal leaf to pretty much any solid surfaces (internal or external) such as glass, wood or metal.

Gold leaf has been used for decorative purposes for many centuries with the Egyptian pharaohs  using gold to decorate tombs to the Ancient Greek sculptures of Athena. Here at Seven 9 Signs we believe if it was good enough for the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks then it’s good enough for you and luckily over the last few thousand years the price of gold leaf has become a little more accessible!

Seven 9 Signs: Gilding Services

Glass Gilding: Anything from numbers on your transom window to detailed hand lettered designs and business logo’s.

Surface Gilding: Anything from honors boards to house numbers on your front door.

We work with a variety of different clients including design agencies, retail, lifestyle brands, tattoo studios, barber shops, restaurants, bars and individuals to create bespoke hand crafted unique signage solutions, using traditional sign painting techniques.